Mainland China (中国)


Nanjing United Decoration Corporation The Office Complex Building of Inner Mongolia North United Power is a newly renovated office building, a joint investment by primarily funded by China Huaneng Group and Inner Mongolia Power Investment Co., Ltd. The steel-concrete structure is 26m high with a total building area of 13,000sqm. The eastern, southern and northern facades are applied with Luxalon® Aerofoil sun-control systems to prevent the building and its occupants from unwanted sun exposure and protection from severe weather conditions, as well as the ability to achieve energy-efficient results. The system works to obviate the constant running of the air-conditioning system by controlling the amount of sunlight that is let into the building by making adjustments to allow for the desired temperature. This project is one of the largest-scale exterior sun-control projects in north China at present. The interior ceiling of the building is applied with Luxalon® Tile panel and the columns are adorned with 12mm honeycomb panels to sharpen the limited space and lend a touch of modernity and a three-dimensional quality to the magnificent space. The innovative design of the renovated space has transformed the building to an important Huhehaote landmark.

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