Mainland China (中国), Asia


DP Architects Pte. Ltd. Shanghai Joy City is positioned as a "place full of life and fashion charms". The façade of the 11-story tall building closely follows the concept of “relaxing, linear, dynamic and spreading”, of which, the perfect combination of points, lines and surfaces fully illustrate the solid foundation of design. The façade features the 15mm light gray silver honeycomb panel from Hunter Douglas, which working in combination with the slots of flood lighting creates a concave and convex design and a distinct sense of lines. The well-arranged aluminum panels from Hunter Douglas demonstrate a full metal texture, implying “abundance” and corresponding with the sight of the “大” character, which directly translates as “big”. In addition, the designers successfully created spreading, dynamic and sleek lines through horizontal segmented application of the aluminum wall panels. The faceted building façade gives off an artistic charm. During the day, Shanghai Joy City is trendy and distinct, while at night it reinterprets the perfect combination of art and fashion, as the lights between the light gray silver aluminum panels seemingly make the building come to life brilliantly.

Featured Products:

  • QuadroClad® 盒式蜂窩板 / QC100