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Beijing Wuzhou Engineering Design and Research Institute “Chunghwa”, known as No.1 cigarette of China, is manufactured by Shanghai cigarette factory. At the end of 2007, Beijing Wuzhou Engineering Design and Research Institute was invited to innovate the exclusive production line of “Chunghwa” cigarette. In production areas like Making & Packing and Filter Rods, strict standards on fungus resistance, moth resistance and dust resistance must be implemented. Moreover, in some parts of the Making & Packing plant, the densely installed machines operated fast and generated very loud noises. If proper measures were not taken, great harm would be inflicted on the workers’ hearing. To deal with it, the design team specified about 5,600sqm of new Luxalon® Anti-bacterial Heat-Insulating Ceiling for the area. Through strict technical tests, the composite panel boasts an excellent performance of Class 0 fungus resistance, Class 1 antibacterial, NRC of 0.8 and heat transfer coefficient of 0.675, satisfactorily meeting the industrial building’s requirements for cleanness, noise reduction and heat insulation.

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