Mainland China (中国), Asia


China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co., Ltd. Covering 34,000 square meters, the rebuilt Wuchang Railway Station is the largest train station in central China. Having doubled its previous operation capacity, the station can serve up to 8,000 passengers. The new design shifts the focus to a passenger-oriented layout, making passengers’ comfort the focus of the building. With the renovation, architects from the China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design group sought to create seamless connections between railway, subway, bus, and coach lines, as well as additional transit systems. Echoing the ancient imagination-inspired architecture of the glamorous Chu culture that is origin of Chinese civilization, Wuchnag Railway Station takes on a traditional rectangular shape and blends old Chu City style with contemporary design. The result: primitive simplicity coupled with practical elegance. Hunter Douglas products play an important role in expressing this design intent: • The metal curtain wall, featuring the Luxalon® QC25 system, gives a good example of how the design unifies simple and modern aspects. • In addition, Luxalon® 300B metal ceilings (with their pre-engineered support structure) sharpen the streamlined aesthetics of the building throughout the interior.

Featured Products:

  • QuadroClad® Honeycomb / QC100