NBK Baguette

Innovative working together

The Baguette is an essential part of the NBK product line and has a wide range of applications. There are many types of cross-sections such as square, rectangle, circle, triangle, diamond, etc. for options. The installation method is also very diversified. It can be used as an external shading unit for curtain wall to reduce direct sunlight and improve the comfort and aesthetics of the building, but it can also be applied to interior decoration to make the building more artistic.

  • Extruded terracotta, very rich in cross-section.
  • Diverse colors, available for glazing.
  • Standard length up to 1800mm, ultra long specification customizable.
  • Install vertically or horizontally.

  • End socket and back bolt installation.
  • High degree of freedom in mounting system.
  • Various corner handling options.