Mainland China (中国), Asia


The United Design Team of the China Pavilion China Pavilion is one of the four permanent pavilions lined up on the same axis and is designed by the noted architect, Academician Jingtang He of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Four huge feet of reinforced concrete support a Chinese traditional architectural component known as "Dougong" (a load-bearing structural system of wood brackets on the top of a column supporting the crossbeam) to create an "inverted pyramid" roof and capture a multi-layered form of brilliance and grandeur. The design for the huge building with the concept of "Crown of The East", contains an undertone of Chinese culture to show its national strength and timeless spirit, and to express the goodwill and prosperity of all Chinese people. Inside and outside, the building is in seven shades of red which is called "China Red" to convey the oriental beauty. Hunter Douglas is the exclusive material supplier for the cladding panels and supplies over 60,000sqm of red texture panel, sandwich wall, areofin, and metal ceiling, also is the crucial link in the chain that helps to take the original idea of China Red off the drawing board and turn it into reality. According to the design team, the red cladding panel by Hunter Douglas is devised to develop the 40mm-wide corrugated texture, which activates the space and communicates a dynastic rhythm of expression and variance.

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