분야 : Government

위치 :

건축가/디자이너 : China United Northwest Institute for Engineering Design & Research

어플리케이션 : Facades

년도 : 2012

수량 : 7,180Sqm

사용된 제품 :

The Office Building of Jingwei Management Committee in Xixian New District, which is the new office for the district’s management committee, is located in the Qinhan New Town in Xixian New District and was put into use in July 2012. The Qinhan New Town is the geometric center of Xixian New District, as well the rendezvous point of Qin-Han civilization. In the future, it will be developed into a concentrated display area of Qin-Han Culture and a demonstrative ecological new town in Xi’an City. In the design of the office building, the designers seamlessly blended the profound historical culture of the city and its future, and thus created a fluent and round building silhouette. The whole building is clad with QC 25 façade from Hunter Douglas, of which the different sizes and curves help shape the streamlined double-curve contour of the structure. When evening comes and yellow lights are on, a warm color tone will flow out from the metal honeycomb panel, adding unlimited charm to this new district of the city.