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위치 :

건축가/디자이너 : China United Northwest Institute for Design and Research

어플리케이션 : n/a

년도 : 2012

수량 : 1300sqm

사용된 제품 :

Shaanxi Science & Technology Resource Center, which is devoted to the construction of a resources sharing, R&D, commercialization of research findings and comprehensive service platform, is an organization directly under Shaanxi Provincial Department of Science & Technology. The project combines advanced architectural energy-saving concepts with the R&D achievements of green architectural technology. The application of AB300 Motorized Double Aerobrise and AB200F Fixed Single Aerobrise Sun Control products from Hunter Douglas, along with the selection of diversified control systems (including the automatic operable system based on changes of temperature, fixed inoperable system and motorized system acting according to intensity of light) can greatly improve the heat/noise insulating and waterproof performance of the building. As a practice and exploration of green and low carbon eco architecture, Shaanxi Science & Technology Resource Center is the first LEED certified three-star green building in Shaanxi Province and the whole northwestern region of China. The integration of energy-saving, eco-friendly and hi-tech features bestows it with a strong technological demonstrative significance.