분야 : Airport

위치 : China

건축가/디자이너 : Architectural Design Research Institute of Guizhou

어플리케이션 : Ceiling

년도 : 2013

수량 : 32,000Sqm

사용된 제품 :

Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport is an important air transportation hub in southwest China. The grey tone of T2 building of the airport as well as the three-sectioned façade design adds more solemnity and muscular aesthetics to the building, implying the high efficiency of modern transportation facilities. The application of a large glass façade helps the interior communicate more with the outside while working with the skylight to provide adequate lighting for the airport. By using a metaphor, the design team interprets the local characteristics of “Colorful Guizhou” and “Guiyang: The Forest City” with branched columns, leaf-shaped skylights and stem-like baffle ceilings.