Mainland China (中国), Asia


Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Culture Square is located at the center of Shanghai, covering an area of 47,000sqm with maximum depth reaching 26m. It is now the world’s largest and deepest underground theater, and also boasts the most seats. The contour of the architecture exemplifies obvious features of modernism and embodies a humanistic artistic conception of the contemporary era. Shanghai Culture Square features an open façade system. Its façade and overhanging eaves are decorated with more than 10,000 pieces of 10mm double-curved honeycomb panels, while the cornice is composed of nearly 500 pieces of custom-made curved and folded panels. The panels, which are made up of different sizes and varying curves, are custom made individually, so that together they compose a smooth and sleek double-curve contour of the architecture, achieving great effects from the exterior. What’s worth mentioning is the lighting of the roof around which dual-color splice panels and grape colored panels are used, forming a purple area shaped like a heart and adding a finishing touch to the whole project.

Featured Products:

  • QuadroClad® Honeycomb / QC100