The Hunter Douglas Fabric Finish Honeycomb Panels are used as walls panels for interior decoration of various buildings. They are not only enhance the indoor design and comfort with curves of both concave and convex panels, but will also improve the feeling of depth through the even arrangement of warps and wefts of the fabric. The designers‘ and owners’ taste, interests, and achievements will be well reflected by the honeycomb fabric panels‘ applications.

With Hunter Douglas long experiences in manufacturing and technology in producing sound absorbing honeycomb panels, the fabric finish Honeycomb Panels were developed, with soft and smooth panels’ edges that make the products safe in practical application. Since the fabric itself has good sound absorption properties, the overall interior sound absorption will greatly improved, after the integration with the sound absorption honeycomb panels. Various fabric materials can also be provided based on the project requirements such as Pure Glass fibre fabrics, PVC fibre fabrics, Polyester Glass fabric, Pure Polyester fibre fabrics and others.

General Information

Product Features

Installation Reliability: Hunter Douglas proprietary wall panels installation system ensure efficiency and high quality to all projects installations.

Creativity Freedom: Hunter Douglas long experiences in manufacturing technology specially in curve panels of various curvatures (both convex and concave), and with high precision, allow designers the freedom of choices to meet their designs with finer details.

Product Features

Wide Application: The Fabric Honeycomb Panels with various fabrics selections, can be applied to all type of interior walls or partitions, like conference or meeting rooms, function
rooms, managers offices or even office corridors etc.

Built-To-Last: Hunter Douglas fabrics are widely used by high-end products’ brands globally, due to reliable quality, physically stable with mechanical and photo-thermal properties that ensure they remain flat as new for a long time after installation. Glass Fibre fabrics are also particularly easy to clean without leaving stains.

Product Features

Energy Saving and Environmental Friendly: Hunter Douglas fabrics meet various public building standards: GREENGUARD in US, Reach, RoHS, Cradle to Cradle in EU, lead-free, antibacterial, flame retardant, low radiative, sound absorbent, etc.

Safety and Fire Prevention: The glass fiber cord fabric will not have black smoke or dripping after ignition, and the fire rating can reach A2-s1-d0 (EU).