Innovative Products Make Innovative Projects

Hunter Douglas has continued to lead the development of the industry over the past 90 years. In early 1940s, Hunter Douglas creatively applied continuous casting/rolling, as well as continuous roller coating and extrusion of metal coils to aluminum. In the decades that followed, Hunter Douglas had produced numerous world-leading products and technologies. In recent years, Hunter Douglas has expanded into the field of new materials. The addition of polyester, fabrics and terracotta have greatly extended the Group’s commitment to develop architectural solutions.


  • Product Philosophy

Form or function? Designers always have to deal with this dilemma. However, if you choose products from Hunter Douglas, this problem will be solved with ease. Few architectural products combine the two aspects so perfectly. Each product developed by Hunter Douglas technical team possesses distinctive aesthetics while meeting various functional requirements.


  • Design

Hunter Douglas architectural products offer unparalleled design freedom. A wide range of choices is available with different materials, shapes, systems, coatings and colors, which help turn design ideas into reality.


  • Functionality

Hunter Douglas architectural products boast outstanding performance, including environmental protection, heat insulation, weatherproof, acoustical performance, optical performance, fireproof, intelligent control system and more, thus adding more values to buildings.


  • Comfort

Adhering to the principle of “human-orientation”, Hunter Douglas architectural products help designers control noise, insulate heat and regulate light and heat, so as to create comfortable, healthy and efficient indoor/outdoor environments.


Customer Service

While offering quality products, Hunter Douglas has also brought a full set of service system and marketing concept to Chinese market. With custom-made products and zero-loss supply model, the company offers great solution and technical support to meet different clients’ demands.

  • Product Information: product techniques, specs & test reports
  • Project Consultancy: demand analysis, material quantity & budget 
  • Design Proposal: alternative proposals, design detailing & change 
  • Installation Guide: Training and onsite guidance to constructors
  • Maintenance: maintenance manual, training and instructions