Structured and soft.

Bringing the pleasure of proven polyester felt to the ceiling plane, patented HeartFelt linear ceiling panels join crisp linearity with unexpected softness and texture. The felt ceiling material warms both the visual and acoustical experiences of a space.

General Information

Why choose HeartFelt® Walls?

The HeartFelt® modular wall system by Hunter Douglas is an advanced system that allows architects, installers and building owners to precisely manage the acoustics of every space. Many different design possibilities and variations are available thanks to the range of colours and modules.


  • Superior acoustic qualities
  • Option to continue ceiling treatment on walls
  • Available in greys and earth tones
  • Panel height 55 mm
  • Various modules available
  • Use of locking strip to mount panels in standard brackets


HeartFelt® wall is suitable for many sectors, including Corporate, Retail, Leisure, Public Areas, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education and Residential.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

HeartFelt™ ceiling panels are available in white, black, five shades of grey, and five earth tones, offering opportunities to create visual gradients and rhythms at the ceiling plane. Coloration is inherent to the felted polyester material; the blend of colored and white fibers within each panel determines its shade. The material resists fading.

Given the unique and special nature of our HeartFelt ceiling product, steps should be taken (before and during installation, as well as over the lifetime of the ceiling) to avoid or minimize static and the accumulation of dust, lint, dirt or airborne particles on or around the felt. Hunter Douglas does not warrant against or take responsibility for any such static or accumulation. Contact us at 833-770-0700 for further details.

NOTE: Colours are for illustration purposes only.

HeartFelt - Earth Tones


Light Brown

Medium Brown

Dark Brown


HeartFelt - Greys


Off White

Light Grey

Middle Grey

Dark Grey



Material characteristics
HeartFelt® is a linear wall system made of non-woven thermoformed PES fibres with open joints between the panels. The panels measure 40 mm in width and 55 mm in height, with a maximum length of 6000 mm. The following modules are available: 50 - 200 mm in increments of 10 mm.
Acoustic information

The acoustic comfort in an office space, school or public building contributes to our well-being, as poor acoustic comfort can affect health, communication, safety, productivity and learning. Hunter Douglas high performance acoustic ceiling products are the best solution for delivering outstanding acoustic performance, comfort and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. 
More information about acoustics
For more extensive information, see the Downloads section below. 

Health and wellbeing

Hunter Douglas contributes to sustainable buildings through aesthetic solutions that enhance comfort and save energy. Promoting health and wellbeing of their occupants is arguably the most important function of buildings. Buildings are not constructed just to be energy efficient. Our shading solutions promote the use of healthy daylight without the hindrances of glare and thermal discomfort. Our acoustic ceilings are a key element in the provision of acoustic comfort.

Sound materials

Environmentally sound materials are key to sustainable buildings. Our strategy is to pick materials that have good environmental properties to start with. Many of our products are made of aluminum produced in our own smelters. We’ve optimized our processes to use up to 99% of recycled content to produce the right alloy for our products. Our wood is FSC certified and we embrace the Cradle to Cradle principle in our product development.

Energy savings

Reducing the energy use of the total building stock is key to the prevention of global warming. Most modern office buildings use more energy for cooling than heating. Effectively managing the solar energy that passes through the transparent part of the façade is a key strategy in the prevention of overheating in both old and new buildings. Our high performance shading solutions bring substantial energy savings, while at the same time promoting health and wellbeing.

Brochure HeartFelt Wall

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C2C Bronze certificate

C2C Material Health certificate

GreenGuard Gold certificate #410

Indoor Air Comfort Gold/ VOC emission

OEKO-TEX® Standaard 100

REACH declaration

SundaHus certificate

VOC class A+ declaration

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