行業 :

地點 : Indonesia

建築師 / 設計師 : Indulexco and Pt Atelier Enam Arsitek

應用 : N/A

年 : 2013

面積 : N/A

使用產品 :

"The International Terminal Ngurah Rai Airport Development project is considered a national project and we are proud to be part of it.  It was the biggest for Hunter Douglas Indonesia todate.  Working hand-in-hand with the architect, main contractor and dealer PT. Icon Terpadu, Hunter Douglas completed this fast tracked project on time for the APEC Conference in October 2013.

Luxalon Baffle ceilings offer best-in-class vane and carrier options that make them ideal for large spaces requiring a one-way plenum mask or specific lighting effects.  An adjustable carrier system allows baffles to slide back for easy access to lighting, sprinklers and diffusers.  The Luxalon metal suppended ceilings are environmentally friendly with up to 95% recycled content.