Thomas Lavin Showroom

Thomas Lavin Showroom

Thomas Lavin successfully launched his first interior design showroom on Beverly Boulevard in 1995 - becoming one of LA's youngest entrepreneurs. In 2005, Lavin outgrew the space and relocated to the famed Pacific Design Center.

Scrafano Architects collaborated with Christian Schnyder and partnered with Lavin to create a custom showroom highlighting Lavin's high-end furniture, lighting and fabric collections. The space is divided into unique environments, separated by thick walls. "As you walk through the space, new groups of furniture and objects are revealed" say the architects "while maintaining their cohesion as a body of work".

Techstyle® ceilings are at home in the variety of room settings throughout the showroom. The white panels' acoustical cellular construction keeps the space quiet. Their highly reflective surface is designed to maximize the impact of light. "A clean architectural setting" says Lavin, "has always been my favorite". Their consistent quarter inch reveal results in a monolithic look. The sustainable ceiling system preserves indoor IAQ, emit no VOC's and easily integrate track/can lighting, sprinkler heads and other fixtures.


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