Mainland China (中国), Asia


China Northwest Building Design Research Institute As a landmark at Xi'an's North City Gate, Xi'an Administration Center is situated in the north of the city, east of Zhangjiapu Square. The Center covers a land area of 60 hectares and is composed of several individual office blocks that constitute an enclosure. The whole design scheme emphasizes historical inheritance and coexistence, and takes the axis structure and courtyard features of Xi'an city into consideration. In the public areas of each block in Xi'an Administration Center, large areas of 12mm Luxalon® Honeycomb Ceiling Panels are installed, with a maximum panel size of 1200mm*1200mm. The Honeycomb Panels are perforated acoustical panels, with a 50mm margin at the perimeter. The mass application of these panels creates an effect of geographic mesh, and at the same time offers an excellent noise reduction performance to the entire public area. The white ultra-large panels stretch smoothly across the ceiling, making the public areas of Xi'an Administration Center more dignified and exceptional.

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