The more controllable the system is, the more comfortable the indoor environment will be. Hunter Douglas offers a full range of custom control systems for customers, no matter if it is a basic control system based on the sun and weather conditions or an intelligent control system that takes the overall management of the whole building and human-oriented control into consideration.

General Information

Basic control system
The basic control system is a simple switch between on and off. The system can be fixed or remotely controlled, by which you can adjust the shading system to any angle you want to ensure optimal human comfort.

  Enhanced control system
The enhanced control system includes a switch and a timer. It expands the control area and controls the sun shading system according to the information sent by light and wind sensors.


 Intelligent control system
The intelligent control system allows highly automated control of the sun shading system through software programming and connects with the management system of the whole building, including the integrated control of cooling, heating and lighting. The intelligent control system can also shift to manual control mode or preset the control program for a certain day.

EOS Control System