EOS™ Lite Track

The lite track of Hunter Douglas Hotel applies the design of installing rolling bearings for transmission wheels, making the transmission smoother and more reliable. The integrated pulley frame belt buckle and the wheelless design of POM polyformaldehyde hard sliding material realize silent transmission. 

Hunter Douglas EOS™ lite track with special consideration for power, size and noise free requirements, is tailored for hotel and public building applications. The track can carry 50-60 kg. It can be applied to window screens, curtains and shading cloths in hotel rooms, conference rooms or lobbies.


  • Ultra-quiet patented technology, noise < 30 decibels during operation; 
  • In the power-on state, gently pull the curtain in one direction by hand to offset 5cm, then the curtain will automatically open or close. 
  • Various control modes such as wireless transmitter and switch can be selected according to the needs of the application. 
  • The mechanical clutch structure realizes the function of hand pulling in case of power failure;
  • If the curtain encounters resistance during operation, it will automatically stop to protect the whole system. 
  • The opening and closing travel range points are automatically set, the best stop position is easily reserved and memorized, and the components are protected from noise or damage caused by collision. 
  • With travel range memory function after power failure, intelligent design; 
  • When the curtain is in a squeezed rebound state, the opening and closing curtain motor will automatically stop before reaching the mechanical stop position; 
  • The rotating speed of the opening and closing curtain motor can be adjusted according to needs, and can meet the needs of more customers. 

System description

  • Operating system:
    • Switch
    • Remote control
    • EOS™ control systems 
  • Usage areas:
    • Guest room
    • Conference room
    • Lobby
  • Size restriction:
    • Minimum turning radius 300 mm

Notice: Motor photos are for reference only and shall be subject to the physical








Notice: For more classic project cases, please consult Hunter Douglas. 
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