The Aeroscreen System has roll-formed and perforated fins. While ideally controlling heat gain and light, the fins also preserve views to the outside and broaden the occupants’ visual space. The elegant and transparent Aeroscreen System acts perfectly well with the sedate appearance of a building, creating a beautiful look with unique charm.

General Information


  • Roll-formed and perforated aluminum fins
  • Optional Polyester, PVDF and Luxacote surface coatings
  • Diversified coating effects including wood grain, bamboo grain and stone texture
  • Standard widths: seven varieties from 200 to 600mm for exterior; six varieties from 150 to 300mm for interior
  • In symmetrical or unsymmetrical forms
  • Fin positioned horizontally or vertically
  • System projected horizontally or positioned vertically
  • Two installation systems available: fixed and operable (automatic, timing and manual)
  • Corner solutions available