Single Skin Cassette

Create outstanding visual impressions

Available in highly durable Luxacote, PPC or anodised aluminium, stainless steel, weathered steel, zinc or copper, and in a range of shapes and sizes, the Single Skin Cassette Facade has been developed to meet architect’s demands for options to add features, accents and diversity of appearance to solid or perforated facade applications which create outstanding visual impressions.
For high performance solutions in a range of metal facades which can be integrated with other Hunter Douglas and NBK facade systems.

Typically using a Hook-on Cassette secret-fix solution that can be installed in either a landscape or portrait orientation. Large cassettes can be fabricated due to the structural design, with various joint widths and Installed onto the appropriate railing system consisting of vertical mullions, locating clips and fixings.

  • Install vertically or horizontally.
  • Large-size, large-format applications with materials such as aluminum, steel, zinc or copper.
  • Drilled or randomly perforated using CNC technology according to design.
  • Crisp joint design. 
  • Individual panel demountability.

Single Skin Cassette

Single Skin Facade