Exterior Wood Ceilings

Our exterior wood ceilings are created from specially treated panels, making them ideal for external applications where protection to harsh weather conditions is required. The extra treatment to the panels not only improves their durability but also makes them entirely maintenance free.


Hunter Douglas室外木紋天花適用於拱腹、簷篷、中庭等,透過木紋飾面的金屬天花,為建築物的外部增添自然風格。





我們的使命,是為客戶提供優質的天花產品,已通過ISO9001及TAIM認證,確保由設計、生產、物料、機器以至製成品,均保持最高標準,令Hunter Douglas天花產品具有極佳的耐用性,延長使用壽命,減低保養及更換成本。



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Exterior Wood PRODUCTS

Ceilings & Walls

Exterior Wood

Metal Woodprint Exterior

Create an exterior wooden look ceiling with the Metal Woodprint Linear ceiling with the 80B, 84C, 84R and the V100 ceiling panels. With a range of various wood prints, a light weight, cost efficient wooden ceiling solution can be created.

Ceilings & Walls

Exterior Wood

Solid Wood Exterior

The Solid Wood Exterior system is a wood solution in it's most natural form. A wide range of wood species are available, all with their own characteristics. Due to a special treatment, most wood species are suitable for exterior applications.

Ceilings & Walls

Exterior Wood

Veneered Wood Exterior

The Veneered Wood Exterior ceilings are a the ideal system to combine the natural esthetics of wooden veneer, with the design freedom of a Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) core. Due to a special treatment, the Veneered Wood Exterior products can be suitable for exterior applications. With a range of over 40 wood veneers and various finishes, the design can always be matched.