Linear Open Ceilings

Hunter Douglas offers a wide range of internal linear open ceilings. Interior open linear ceilings are created using a pattern of panels and gaps between the panels to achieve an interesting directional design.


條形天花之間可保留不同間距,營造出與別不同的方向性和有趣設計,例如選用相同或不同長度的天花組合,或不同形狀的天花,即可組成獨一無二的效果。Hunter Douglas提供板塊形和盒形的條形天花,可配搭出多元化的天花方案。




Luxalon® 樂思龍® 室內開放式條形天花提供多種標準顏色或RAL顏色選擇,配合你對色彩效果的需求。另可提供特別顏色和飾面等。請聯絡我們了解更多產品資訊。


我們致力為客戶提供優質天花產品,已通過ISO9001及TAIM認證,確保由設計、生產、物料、機器以至製成品,均保持最高標準,令Hunter Douglas天花產品具有極佳的耐用性,延長使用壽命,減低保養及更換成本。





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Linear Open PRODUCTS

Interior Metal

Linear Open

Multi Panel

Mix and match the diverse B, BD and the new BXD ceiling panels by selecting varying widths. Experiment with the perforated panels to optimise acoustic control and create an improved interior ambience. There are 8 different panels which can all be combined on one carrier system ease of installation.

Interior Metal

Linear Open


The excellent thermal exchange and acoustic performance of The Luxalon® Linear Open CCA Ceiling System provides 100% acoustic ceiling coverage. This acoustic ceiling creates outstanding comfort and temperature control at levels that cannot be achieved with islands or baffle systems.

Interior Metal

Linear Open


Known for its straight lines, versatility, and ease of installation, The Linear Open 84B metal ceiling system creates a box shaped linear appearance. This interior metal ceiling is available in a variety of colours and finishes with perforation patterns for enhanced acoustic performance.

Interior Metal

Linear Open


The Linear Open 70U ceiling system consists of box shaped, 70 mm wide steel or aluminium panels which are easily clipped onto the 70U carrier. The 70U system is designed for those applications that require a more robust and stronger panel.

Interior Metal

Linear Open


Known for its fluid lines, versatility, and easy installation, The Linear Open 84R Ceiling System creates a rounded linear aesthetic. Offered in a variety of colors and finishes with perforation patterns for enhanced acoustic performance.