EOS™ Control System

Hunter Douglas EOS ™ control system is a new generation of intelligent sunshade control system developed by Hunter Douglas Group. It can meet the needs of various modern commercial buildings and public buildings in terms of energy conservation and comfort by realizing automatic, humanized and intelligent control of various sunshade products. 

Hunter Douglas EOS ™ control system applys open bus structure and advanced digital addressing technology. It can be controlled by smart phones under iPhone and Android systems and web remote control, can not only create intelligent office scene mode for commercial buildings, but also provide humanized light and shadow control for hotel rooms.


Flexible grouping allows to change the control scope, function and authority level of a local switch at any time. This feature is especially useful in rented offices spaces. Local users can use a number of input devices, such as wall switch, touch pad, remote control etc.

With high speed 32-bit MCU and advanced motor feedback technology, each motor can be accurately positioned to any of 10000 possible stops. The shading product can be used to adjust precisely, and provide a real-time feedback on the running state, position and angle of each shade or blind.

By making use of ethernet technology the entire control system can be applied to any size of project and be extended indefinitely. Upgrade and maintenance can be done remotely, through using fixed IP addresses.

Distributed Intelligence Technology : Each controller and motor has a unit ID in a bus line. The system can control each motor or get real-time feedback on its status and position.Furthermore, solar tracking and shadow calculation functionalities can be applied, in order to create a complete sun/shade management system.。

 Open system
The EOSTM control system can provide 2 standard integrated interface: OPC and BACnet/IP., can be seamless integrated to BMS system. Through bi-direction communication the system can check the status of each motor, and so determine the position and angle of the slats.

A variety of operation scenarios can be programmed and executed, either through a key trigger or automatic timer.


 Wind and Sun Auto Control
Automation control, energy saving.

 Flexible Grouping
Changing room divisions does not require change of hardware or wiring.  

 Schedule & Timer Control
An integrated timer allows for the scheduling of scenarios and assists in shadow calculation.

 Fire Fighting Linkage
Shades can be made to automatically go up quickly in case of a fire alarm.

 Precise Positioning
Position precisely, to make sure the blinds present a beautifully uniform view.

 Control Feedback
Each motor has an individual network address and feeds back status information to the system.

 BMS Integration
EOS™can interact with other BMS, to create an energy efficient and Green Building.

 Off-peak Motor Start
Avoids an instantaneous peak charge on the power grid when a large group of shades is operated centrally at the same moment.

 Central Control
Overall control and management of a large number of shades.

 Scene Control
Customize control, preset scene.


Notice: For more classic project cases, please consult Hunter Douglas. 
EOS ™ control system