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Linear Open Ceilings

Hunter Douglas offers a wide range of internal linear open ceilings. Interior open linear ceilings are created using a pattern of panels and gaps between the panels to achieve an interesting directional design.


By leaving spaces between the panels, a directional and interesting design can be created with the ceiling. By arranging equal or different length panels in your desired configuration, a unique look can be developed that brings your vision to life. In addition, a variety of looks can be achieved depending on the shape of panels you wish to use. At Hunter Douglas we offer both plank and box shape panels for design flexibility.


Our linear open ceilings have several variations, all of which provide a sleek look. For extra interest, you might consider the Linear Open Multi Panel system, which uses panels of various lengths, heights and widths to add interest.


Luxalon® Linear Open interior ceilings are available in a wide range of standard colours and can be coated in RAL colours. We also supply a special range of finishes and colours for bespoke projects. For further information on our extensive range of internal ceiling applications and the colours and finishes available, please contact our sales office.


Our focus on quality (ISO9001 and TAIM certified) ensures the highest standard of production processes, material, machinery and finished product. The superior durability of Hunter Douglas products translates into lower costs during the life cycle of the product.


You need not worry about these Hunter Douglas Metal Suspended Ceilings contributing to possible fires as they are classified incombustible. Our Hunter Douglas ceilings offer a range of tested and practical solutions for protecting the structural integrity of a building if a fire should occur. Please get in touch for more information.


There are so many linear open ceiling variations available. Be sure to explore each individual range to find the perfect ceiling for your desired application. Be sure to browse our product gallery for further inspiration.

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Linear Open PRODUCTS

Interior Metal

Linear Open

Multi Panel

Mix and match the diverse B, BD and the new BXD ceiling panels by selecting varying widths. Experiment with the perforated panels to optimise acoustic control and create an improved interior ambience. There are 8 different panels which can all be combined on one carrier system ease of installation.

Interior Metal

Linear Open


The excellent thermal exchange and acoustic performance of The Luxalon® Linear Open CCA Ceiling System provides 100% acoustic ceiling coverage. This acoustic ceiling creates outstanding comfort and temperature control at levels that cannot be achieved with islands or baffle systems.

Interior Metal

Linear Open


Known for its straight lines, versatility, and ease of installation, The Linear Open 84B metal ceiling system creates a box shaped linear appearance. This interior metal ceiling is available in a variety of colours and finishes with perforation patterns for enhanced acoustic performance.


Interior Metal

Linear Open


The Linear Open 70U ceiling system consists of box shaped, 70 mm wide steel or aluminium panels which are easily clipped onto the 70U carrier. The 70U system is designed for those applications that require a more robust and stronger panel.

Interior Metal

Linear Open


Known for its fluid lines, versatility, and easy installation, The Linear Open 84R Ceiling System creates a rounded linear aesthetic. Offered in a variety of colors and finishes with perforation patterns for enhanced acoustic performance.