Folding Shutters

The Hunter Douglas Folding Shutter provides the architect with a very dynamic form of external sun control.  Opening or closing the shutters will instantly and dramatically transform the appearance of the facade.  Allowing maximum outward view when opened, the shutters offer effective control of heat and light when closing fully flat into the facade.


  • Folding shutter with aluminium fins or perforated sheet.
  • Manually operated or motorized, both closing completely flat.
  • changes façade appearance instantly from closed to open.
  • Available as single pair (V) or double pair (W, manual only).

  • Filters direct sunlight, allows outward view and reduces solar radiation impact by 90%.
  • Totally weather resistant and virtually maintenance free.
  • Clever hinge mechanism operated by 24V actuator.

  • Designed for easy and safe installation.
  • Two perforation options and three fin options offered as standard.
  • Custom design perforations or materials possible.
  • Unlimited choice of colours.

Folding Shutters Brochure