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Exterior Ceiling Panels

Why keep your vision locked inside? Bring style outdoors with our exterior ceilings. Created specifically to withstand extreme weather conditions, a Hunter Douglas exterior metal ceiling boasts extreme strength and durability all year round. Exterior ceilings are specially developed with the same aesthetic appearance as interior ceilings and a wide range of systems provides the architect with a high degree of design options.


The Hunter Douglas range of exterior metal ceilings, are specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions. Attached to rigidly suspended carriers, designers can have every confidence that the ceilings are structurally sound. Perfect for a range of applications, exterior metal ceilings are the perfect solution for environments such as car parks, stadiums, and providing a covered outdoor area.


At Hunter Douglas we believe in design flexibility, hence our extended portfolio of exterior metal ceiling variations. Our range includes linear closed, linear open and open and wide panel ceilings, all of which can be created using a range of configurations. Let your imagination run wild with the Hunter Douglas range of exterior metal ceiling systems.


We offer a wide of colour choices to match our extensive range of ceiling systems. Please contact us for more information about the colours and special finishes that we offer. All of our exterior ceilings, receive a Luxacote® Exterior Coating to enhance the ceilings strength and durability. This exclusive Hunter Douglas innovation is constructed of 3 powerful layers of –pre-treament, primers and a UV and scratch resistance topcoat.


Our focus on quality (ISO9001 and TAIM certified) ensures the highest standard of production processes, material, machinery and finished product. The superior durability of Hunter Douglas products translates into lower costs during the life cycle of the product.


Hunter Douglas Metal ceiling panels are classified incombustible and will therefore not contribute to possible fires. Where a ceiling is required to protect the structural integrity of the building, Hunter Douglas Ceilings offer a range of practical and tested solutions with regards to fire resistance and fire stability. Further information is available on request.


Be inspired on our project gallery with exterior metal ceilings. Click on the photo for more information.

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Exterior Metal PRODUCTS

Exterior Metal

Exterior Linear Closed

150F / 200F

Luxalon® Multiple Panel Façade systems is developed as a façade application but is also suitable for exterior ceilings. Especially when larger panel sizes are desired, or if façade and exterior ceiling should form a uniform view in the architectural design, these panels are excellent

Exterior Metal

Exterior Linear Closed

75C / 150C / 225C

The Luxalon® Closed Ceiling system has a choice of three widths of panels. All three widths can be combined and easily clipped on a universal carrier. Panels can be joined by using the panel splice. Locking clips for 150C and 225C are fitted crosswise on to the carrier, on top of the prongue in order to fully secure the panels and to create a ceiling able to withstand windloads.

Exterior Metal

Exterior Linear Closed


The Luxalon® 84C Closed Ceiling system consists of box shaped panels which can be easily clipped on the carrier. The 84 mm wide panels feature a flange that closes-off the 16 mm joint between the panels (module 100 mm). The 12.5 mm deep recessed joint gives a linear direction to the ceiling plane whilst being closed-off from the plenum.

Exterior Metal

Linear Open

80B / 84B

The 80B/84B ceiling system consists of box shaped, 80mm/84mm wide aluminium panels which are easily clipped on the aluminium carrier. The 80B/84B system is desinged for those applications that require a design with defined clear linear view.

Exterior Metal

Linear Open


The 84R ceiling system consists of round edged 84mm wide aluminium panels which are easily clipped on the aluminium carrier. The 84R system is designed for those applications that require a design with a softer clear linear view.

Exterior Metal

Linear Open


The 70U ceiling system consists of box shaped, 70 mm wide aluminium panels which are easily clipped on the 70U carrier. The 70U system is designed for those applications that require a more robust and stronger panel.

Exterior Metal

Open Ceilings


Luxalon® V100 screen ceilings are engineered to dimensionally define the ceiling plane. Consisting of vertically hung, ‘floating’ panels, V100 creates unique visual patterns and lines without compromising the sense of a spacious environment. Depending on viewing angle the ceiling has an open or closed appearance.

Exterior Metal

Wide Panel


Our 300 mm wide panel ceiling system establishes a distinct, robust look. Panels span lengths up to 6 m, requiring fewer panels and joints to reduce installation cost. With two joint options our wide panels trim costs without trimming style. They are a quick way to make a big first impression.