Skyline®Gliding Window Panels

Smooth and simple lines and fashionable and beautiful appearance are not the only advantages of Skyline® gliding window panels. Its unique screen appearance and independent fabrics suspension system ensure smooth horizontal operation of the curtain, providing perfect sunshade for various window types and also being used as unique room partitions. Its original hardware system and fashionable fabric design make it always at the forefront of fashionable window coverings. 

Hunter Douglas Skyline®gliding window panels emphasizes the concept of architectural aesthetics, which is extremely rich in line beauty and enhances the sense of space. The fabric helps you easily create a highly personalized office environment through meticulous texture and fashionable and simple design style.


  • The patented double-slot monorail system can ensure that the number of blades with a maximum opening width of 384 "(about 9750 mm) can be accommodated in one top groove.
  • The fabric vanes can be made of polyester fabrics or glass fiber fabrics. There are two choices fabrics of transparent or room darkening, with rich colors to meet the needs of different occasions; 
  • The width of the fabric vanes is 17 "(about 432mm), keeping the appearance uniform between different windows and different rooms. 
  • The fabric vanes have the smallest overlapping width, can ensure the maximum visual effect when it is folded up; 
  • The metal fittings with color-friendly design make the curtains more harmonious and aesthetic. 
  • The innovative design of the interior lock type bottom bar system is used to keep the curtain vertical and firm, at the same time, the curtain can be effectively integrated into a whole, which can enhance the overall beauty of the curtain, and can be detached automatically in case of external force to protect the safety of children or pets; 
  • Various applications, it not only can be used for perfect window coverings sunshade, but also can be used for fashionable room partition; 
  • The manual rope pulling system ensures light and smooth operation.

System description:

  • Operating system:
    • Manual
    • Electric remote control
  • Usage areas:
    • Office
    • Hotel rooms
    • Living room
    • Dining room
    • Bedroom
    • Study
  • Size restriction
  • Standard Manual Skyline® 
    • 1500mm ≤ W ≤ 4800mm   
    • 300mm ≤ H ≤ 4000mm   
    • S≤19.00㎡
  • Electric Skyline® 
    • 1500mm ≤ W ≤ 4800mm   
    • 300mm ≤ H ≤ 4000mm   
    • S≤19.00㎡

Notice: The picture and color of the fabric is for reference only. For actual situations, please follow Hunter Douglas' collection book and click the fabric to view the color.