​80mm Roll Motorized Venetian Blinds

80mm roll motorized venetian blinds is a ceiling sunshade product developed and launched by Hunter Douglas Group. The product consists of high-grade metal venetian blinds and high-performance Hunter Douglas motor. It is horizontally applied to the atrium or lighting top of the building and can freely adjust the light while shading. The product has the characteristics of firm structure, simple installation and reliable operation. When shading horizontally, it can make up for the shortage that ordinary ceiling shading products (such as FTS, FCS, FSS) cannot adjust light. In addition, this product has lower requirements on the installation structure of building ceilings and can be subject to various shaped designs depending on the window type, thus being highly decorative, perfectly compatible with building structures, and rendering quite a majestic modern sense.

The electric operation mode of Hunter Douglas 80mm roll motorized venetian blinds can be realized through switch or remote control, which is simple and convenient to operate. If equipped with Hunter Douglas EOS™ control systems, it can meet a variety of modern control requirements, with perfect operation and instant display.


  • Excellent material and advanced technology 
    • Aluminum alloy composition: High-grade AA5052, with excellent characteristics and durability; 
    • Pretreatment of aluminium coil Hunter Douglas applied first-class treatment, and Anorcoat ® conversion coating is applied so that wastewater is not generated in coating treatment. 
    • Coating of aluminium coil After the chemical pre-processing, dynamic coating line controls all coatings. After being treated by the technology of three baking enamel baking varnish, the adhesion is enhanced, firm, lubricated and uniform in color. 
    • The slats piece is treated by enamel baking varnish technology, with rich colors, which can be perfectly unified with the architectural style. 
  • Imported motor
    • The motor shall be the Hunter Douglas electric venetian blinds special tubular motor imported from Italy. The product enjoys a world reputation and has a five-year quality assurance in the world. 
  • Transmission device
    • The transmission keel shall be the 6063-T5 alloy material of high grade. The thickness of keel wall is 2mm, and the surface is anodized so that it is strong in surface hardness and wear resistance, thus expanding the application range and prolonging the service life. 
    • The vane clamp is designed according to the characteristics of the fabrics, which can completely fix the fabrics and control the spacing and superposition of the fabrics. The material shall be the high-grade nylon, which is wear-resistant and aging-resistant. 
    • Hunter Douglas has always paid attention to the safety of products. In the design of 80mm roll motorized venetian blinds, special attention is paid to the handling of safety details to ensure that the product can withstand any harsh working environment. 
    • A spring locking piece will be installed at the joint of each vane and the vane clamp to ensure firm fixation between the vane and the vane clamp, and the vane will never fall off during use. 
    • The vane clamp connector fastener is made of 65Mn spring steel wire, which is used for fixing the vane clamp connector and the keel to ensure that the vane clamp connector will not be separated from the keel due to thermal expansion and cold contraction (especially suitable in northern regions), thus ensuring the absolute safety of product use. 

System description

  • Manipulation system:
    • EOS™ control systems 
    • Control of sound, light, wind and electricity 
    • Dimming is only for electric operation (AC)
  • Usage areas:
    • Indoor
    • Ceiling
    • Facade
  • Size restriction
  • 80R venetian blinds (indoor): 
    • ​800mm ≤ W ≤ 4000mm   
    • 800mm ≤ H ≤ 6000mm   
    • S ≤ 20㎡ 
(Size will vary for different operating systems and fabrics)

Notice: The picture and color of the slats is for reference only. For actual situations, please follow Hunter Douglas' collection book and click the slats to view the color. 

80R Non - pinhole


80R pinhole

Notice: For more classic project cases, please consult Hunter Douglas.